Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Busy As Bees

We have been busy as bees preparing our garden path for the upcoming Garden Party on Saturday, April 4th and Sunday, April 5th. With iron, planters and blooms, it is sure to be a gardener's delight! In the upcoming posts we will post some sneak peeks!
One of our many whimsical wire organizers showcases a few of the wonderful postcards we currently have in stock. Pick up a few to clip here and there to enhance your vintagely stylish home.

Bunny treats for my sweet?

Note the ebony glass flower frog - it can be used to stand up pens and pencils or for its intended purpose.

Aye, more Tobys - these are not only decorative but can also be used to organize office supplies with panache. (paper clips, loose change, etc.)

If you loved the corrugated heart pocket we had at Valentine's Day, you will flip over this adorable corrugated egg pocket! We have some small mini ones which would be cute on peg racks.

Graceful violin and clean case! Just holding this violin imparts music in your heart. With a few strings, it will have a life of its own.

Crystal bowl - great for serveware or what about some moss and speckled eggs? We can help you select items you can use for spring decor and the other three seasons too!

Eastlake trim - stunning architectural element - would have an impressive presence hung over a doorway.

Sweet sparrow - hmmm - possibly he spies some treasures blooming on our garden path?

This is an awesome leather train case! Recently, one of our customers purchased some of our vintage luggage to make an end table between two recliners. Not only does she have exceptional storage but I dare say no one else as a table exactly like hers! If you love the look of vintage luggage but are not sure how to incorporate it into your decor, let us know and we will help you design something reflective of your personal style.

Tea cart - can you just picture this lovely cart in your sunroom with some Prince of Wales tea, scones, lemon curd and devonshire cream? (Ok - I confess, I am going to a tea party this week and it can't get here soon enough!)

Ta-Da! Poo-Pourri! Ladies, let's face it - none us like embarassing moments. A little spritz here and a little spray there - no one has to know! Pretty enough for the bathroom and portable enough for the purse.

Cranberry and crystal glass - simply stunning for your next soiree'

Mr. and Mrs. Rabbit bid you a grand season of blooms and bees.

Graceful cranberry and crystal biscuit jar.

Stop by to pick up a few vintage planters. Spring blooms in vintage planters would make a gift any friend would be smitten with. A window sill with assorted vintage planters and bulbs would be gorgeous!

Lovely china cabinet (or bookcase)! The wood inlay is beautiful on this piece.

The mirror on this table is exceptionally heavy and has a patina like no other! Check out the unique oak table - you will be hard pressed to find another like it.

Mr. Rabbit presiding over his precious blooms.

LOVE these! These are glove forms. You may have seen these in the latest decor magazines. Not only are they decorative on their own, but they can be functional too. It would be fun to drape them with jewelry. What about a "hand" towel between the thumb and finger? (I couldn't resist)

We have exquistely reproduced stained glass lamps. While some may look like Tiffany, they do not bear a Tiffany price tag.

You have got to come see our homespun eggs! Either for your egg tree or in a bowl, they are charming and sweet.

Moss bunnies! Ready to bring some spring indoors? Stop by to pick up some spring treats for your home.

Here are some of our newer cloches and bases. I love the shape of this one. We also have a fresh stock of the extra large size.

Patina and shape -LOVE it!

Sweet tea cups and vase (perfect for the tea cart!)

Some vintage baubles in a cherub compote. For your spring table, vintage brooches tied with pastel ribbons would make elegant napkin rings.

I love the patina on this metal base!

A chippy bullseye salvage piece makes an awesome cloche base!

The columns are new - with cloches or without, they are a beautiful element to any style home.

Mixed media spring collage - vintage tag inside reads "HOME". Glittered mother bird presides over pale eggs with bits of vintage items gracing her nest.

Beautiful bird plaques - small enough to nest anywhere in your home.

More garden treasures!

Shabby chic armoire - very solid and distressed handsomely

Unique tiered table!

Old clear leaded glass window and rustic flower frogs make an elegant vignette.

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