Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Vintage Living

Vintage pieces are very versatile. Whether you have a modern, traditional or eclectic home, vintage furniture and accents blend well and can add unexpected charm.

At. Ms. Wendy's, we offer both vintage and new items to compliment your decor.

A nod to Swedish style living

Vintage living means you celebrate the imperfections in a piece as part of its charm.
{a squeaky door or a chippy farm table, both have a seasoned appeal that only time can create}

Ms. Wendy's is not only an antiques shop but also a lifestyle
shop. We offer eclectic clothing, sterling silver jewelry, lush candles and sumptuous toiletries.

Silhouettes are very popular right now. Here is a pair of mirrored silhouettes with a modern twist.

With all of this snow, our hearts are longing for spring. Step into our garden room for some spring inspiration.

Hamlet greets our garden visitors