Saturday, April 17, 2010

Going Green ~ Vintage Style

Senoia held their Art of Green festival today. Many artists displayed wonderfully hand-crafted offerings upcycled from items past. We could not have asked for more perfect weather too!
At Ms. Wendy's Antiques we love going green by selling yesterday's treasures and tomorrow's heirlooms. We also offer hand-crafted goodies, upcycled from past finds.

Check out this dough bowl. Repurpose this time worn bowl as your next fruit bowl or park it next to your tub with soaps and towels.

Time for some fresh vintage

Upcycled reclaimed wood handcrafted into fashion forward frames.

Check out some of our new journals! They have a wonderfully time worn look. What a sweet gift for friends and hostesses.

Spring is a time of renewal - enjoy nature's beauty, begin anew, nurture your heart and soul
I love this palette of white, so peaceful.

We have some gorgeous newsprint boxes in. - they make stylish storage easy!

Sassy little toleware tray

Another way to go green is to select a vintage picture for your home.
Less trees, more chic and more green

No need to use plastic or paper when you have an uber cool shopping cart! For your hometown market or flea market, these are awesome!

Yes, those are vintage pink curlers you see

Using more vintage furniture in your home means less trees dedicated to future decor.

For all of our "HOT" Mamas!

Sweet bird journals - need an inspiring place to put your dreams, goals or even to do list?

Back door guests are best! Here is a peek at our back door which leads into our garden.

We {heart} rusty, chippy iron

So glad you stopped by! Hope to see you again soon!