Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Open House ~ This Saturday ~ 9:00 - 6:00

These happy faces will greet you at the door!

Several years back, I walked into Ms. Wendy's for the first time. It was during grand opening and at that moment I fell in love with this great shop. Shortly afterwards, I became a dealer with my friend Sharon and had the most fun decorating our room, and working there.

Well things in every day life got in the way and I thought it would be best to move out, but not for long, I came back again but again I left.

Then when I thought I could make a real go of it, along came the Plum Tree Antiques and after moving into Wendy's one last time, I moved out once again. (believe me there is no revolving door) I would not have blamed Wendy if she dropped me off the face of the earth, but she never once made me feel bad for any of my decisions and has remained a great friend all these years.

Just like her shop, Wendy is original and genuine, I stay connected to Ms. Wendy's by continuing to create her blog each week. And although I don't get there as often as I like, when I do it always feels like home to me.

So this Saturday, be sure to join Wendy and her dealers to celebrate yet another great year during Fall Open House. Take your time to browse around, enjoy the great refreshments, and take something home that you or someone else will treasure for years, even if it is simply a remarkable day!

Beautiful tree ornaments

I love a bed on the porch, someplace to relax during the day and a cozy sleeping spot on a cool fall night.

Lots of fall decor

Ah, Chocolate ~ A girls best friend in any fashion
Spooky Halloween decor
...and costumes

This little shelf looks great with a few favorite collectibles
This is not your Mother's silver set ~ tarnished but beautiful

Lots of cloches and ideas for displaying them

I just love these angels, perfect for a mantel display

Who could resist these neat denim shoes...plain
or with bling

Like I've said, you can find anything at Ms.Wendy's

We look forward to seeing you this weekend, come early and stay late!