Saturday, June 18, 2011

Summertime by the shore

Whether you spend your summer winding your way through the mountains or wading along the sandy shores, impart some of your special summertime memories by placing mementos around your home.

She sells seashells by the sea shore {maybe, but Ms. Wendy's sells them in Senoia, GA} ;)

Concrete statues are not just for the garden. Create interest to your decor by bringing some of your garden indoors.

a charming coastal cottage vignette

I love how the ribbing on these sconces are a nod to the ripples on the seashell and star.

Postcards from the past.

You can use the colors, themes and images from old postcards to enhance your decor on behalf of a thrifty pricetag.

Have suitcase, will travel.

Romantic frocks including Magnolia Pearl and vintage inspired bijoux.

Creamy, dreamy whites

Pick up some of our yummy soaps (we have travel size too!) for a lovely hostess or to freshen your suitcase.

vintage accoutrements

Whether it's initials, token words or images that are meaningful to you, Waxing Poetic charms create a personal treasure.

Most awesome earrings made from vintage coins and mercury dimes.

Enjoy everyday moments by using elegant serveware any time.

Lovely brass candlesticks and frames

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