Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Ms. Wendy's Christmas Open House

Only 25 more shopping days left and there is still so much to do.

So, not only will Ms. Wendy's be hosting her

The Brooks Women's Club will be presenting their Fourth Annual
This Sunday ~December 2nd, from 1:00 pm until 5:00 pm
The Historic Brooks Christian Church will be performing a
"Colonial Christmas Concert"
at 3:00 pm
Tickets for Tour of Homes will be available at Hardy Hall on the day of the tour. For information call 770-719-0969 or 770-719-0207

A little bird told me that these tee~shirts are on Oprah's list of favorite things, & they are available at Ms. Wendy's in Red or Green, sizes M-XL.

Chaps wants to wish a Merry Christmas to everyone and to let you know he will take any leftover Thanksgiving turkey off your hands.

He also wants to help us welcome his Mom Natalie back to Ms. Wendy's!

Bangles~Bobbles & Bling~

Vintage style tee's by Cutting Up ~ Super Soft

Beautiful antique trunk
Incredible finish

Incredible pair of vintage candle holders with green glass base
Lots of vintage alarms

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

~Wishing You and Yours a Happy Thanksgiving~

Chances are that if the autumn leaves are falling, family will be gathering and like an old friend winter comes to see us once again.

Thanksgiving marks the beginning of the holiday season so why not celebrate by feathering your nest with Heart, Soul & Style

Throwing caution to the wind does not always mean spending a lot of money for the look you love.

Here are some things I like to do to dress up a table for the holidays.

Gather some of your favorite autumn riches to reflect the beauty of the season and add a touch of warmth to your table settings. Feathers, pine cones, baby gourds & magnolia leaves make a beautiful centerpiece grouped on an old mirror or pedestal cake plate.

For a little sparkle at your table, frost some inexpensive glasses on the outside with gold or silver glitter using clear craft glue, trim the edge with a pretty metallic ribbon and hot glue an old piece of costume jewelry to each one, add a tea light and place one at each setting. Use year after year or give to each of your guests.

Make sure your table doesn't get cluttered with serving dishes by setting those on a side board or buffet. It is much more personal when all of your guests can sit comfortably and at the same time your table will maintain a festive look that otherwise gets covered up.

If you haven't started forcing your paper whites yet, you will still have time for a Christmas bloom. Ideas for these are quite simple too. Fill a pretty glass urn, old mixing bowl, silver pitcher or other decorative vessel with about 2-3 inches of small pebbles, fill with water to just the top of the pebbles. Place your bulbs fairly close together root side down into the pebbles enough to stand alone.

For a dressier floral display you can add marbles, cranberries, or moss around the top of the bulbs. Be sure you keep the water level just below the root bottom, too much water will rot the bulb.

Now take a look at the great selections that Ms. Wendy's has to help you dress up your ~Home for the Holidays~

This cute little twin bed is freshly painted giving it a warm cozy look.

I have tried to show this before, a magazine had this same picnic bucket and made it into a holiday mail box by hanging it on a picket fence surrounded by greenery. I will add the photo later. The vintage child's ice skates are decorated with red ribbon and greenery ready to hang on your door.

Beautiful set of mirror top iron table in three sizes

This is the most amazing metal clock~it has a mirrored gold tone look and white roman numeral numbers. Fits any decor, formal to vintage.

Warm, colorful balls of yarn

I believe these silver cups may have been trophies since they have engraving on them of thoroughbred horses

All together, these items make a great table display

Set of 3 clear crystal and red glass covered urns

Homespun tree ornaments

Mmmmmm, almost good enough to eat, but you will want to light these cinnamon bun candles for a fresh baked aroma
Bunches of old quilts to warm the bones

Last one up ~ turn out the lights!

~ Happy Thanksgiving ~