Thursday, July 24, 2008

All of us, who love old things, are kindred spirits. That is the common thread that helps us understand each other. When you come into Ms. Wendy's you see and speak of your love of antiques and how you want to decorate your homes, we know exactly what you mean.

The objects we surround ourselves with are gentle reminders of the past and we love them. When you enter our door we know that you love them too.
We love the character that is left on an item from years of use. New furniture can have a perfect, flawless finish, however old pieces with the edges rounded from wear, a handmade latch, or paint missing in certain areas . . . it makes you wonder, "where has this been in the past? Who may have used it in their home such a long time ago?"

Wonderful character. Every old thing has a story ~ we may not know the story, but we can imagine it and appreciate it.

Come see what's old at Ms. Wendy's this week!

Come See Us Soon!

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