Thursday, May 15, 2008

We love old things, if we didn't we wouldn't be in this type of business. We wouldn't have a passion for found treasures that were part of history, perhaps our own or that of someone we never knew.
Some people come in looking for a particular piece of furniture, a missing saucer from Mothers dinnerware set or a special piece that will given to a newly married couple.
Others come in for something to do after they've eaten their lunch. Not quite ready to go back to work or home, and still others are the customers that enter our store and are instantly taken back in time with reminders of their past all around them. Perhaps something that belonged to their Grandmother, Favorite Aunt or a memorable neighbor.
Customers buy these wonderful old items to remind them of good times past and the sweet people that owned them. What a great business to be in . . . the business of memories.

We hope you enjoy the memories of these pieces and many more that Ms. Wendy's has to offer.

Beautiful Silver Pitcher etched with sunny flowers

Wonderful glass cloche's to protect our prized possessions

Missing pieces for an incomplete collection and a wonderful cabinet to show them off. Gorgeous Old Floral Vase
More silver pieces to complete a set Elegant handcarved swan signed and dated

Neat old capital under glass cloche ready for a candle

Collections to display in your favorite place
Wonderful cloche with saucer
Great Reproduction Mannequin
Another great old cabinet to show off your memories

Hope to see you soon!


LuluRedstar/Lauri Evans said...

I love the new look! Everything is gorgeous! Hope you had a great show at Scott's.
We just finished Lakewood...good weather=good sales.
Take care...we're itching for a road trip!
ox lulu

Stokes Chic Antiques said...

Love all the pictures. Wonderful eye candy.

Stokes Chic Antiques said...

Love all the pictures. Wonderful eye candy.