Thursday, September 13, 2007

It's The Little Things

When our ancestors came to the United States they did not know what to expect, they came with few belongings and the hope of better lives. What they found was hard work, low wages, new births, and early deaths.

However, what they did learn early on was the kindness of others and the pride of their new found lives.

In the early 20th century people invited outsiders into their home out of the cold, offered complete strangers a hot meal and a place to stay, cared for their neighbors and believed in God.

We can all learn something from our ancestors, even in a world that is not as trusting, caring or giving. We all need to learn to trust more, care unconditionally, and give of ourselves when others are in need.

Life can be hard, but each of us can make it better for someone else with a simple smile, the touch of a hand and a kind word, and the best way to do this is unselfishly, never expecting anything in return.

With all of this said, when you come to Ms. Wendy's with the intention to buy or browse, we are simply glad to see you, talk with you, with hopes of seeing you again.

~ Thank you ~

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