Thursday, September 27, 2007

Greatest Little Antique Store in Arkansas

I have been to hundreds of Antique stores in the past few years, however this is one of my all time favorites and I just know if you were to visit, it would become yours too!
The young lady who owns it is Jenifer, I met her back in May when I was here last and thought she was such a nice person. She told me she had been a school teacher but gave that up to become an antique store owner, and boy am I glad she did.
You can tell she has great taste and talent because even her dealers reflect what her store is all about. It is wonderfully laid out with a great mix of primitive, shabby style, home decor, men stuff and a rather large selection of the vintage camp look.
Some of the pieces in the following photos are now in the back of my trailer, but I will keep that a secret for now.

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