Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Indoors or Outdoors?

Sometimes we find some great little pieces of furniture that are so multi -purpose we can't decide where to use them. With that in mind take a look at this adorable glass front cabinet that has so many uses.
As a storage cabinet in the bath to hold towels, soaps, salts, and maybe a few of your husbands things.
What about in the kitchen, boy I could fill this up with collectibles, or as a mini pantry.
Don't forget the sun porch, shall I go on?
Natalie always has some of the neatest accessories. I like to call them bowl fillers. Come in and check whats new, these little goodies never last long.
This is another neat little cabinet that can sit on a table or hang on a wall. It would be great as a garden tool cabinet. Now is the time to build that little greenhouse you've been dreaming about.

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