Thursday, March 29, 2007

Cherish Every Moment

This Morning

My pink cone-flowers had a visitor this morn -a Monarch butterfly.

It went from flower to flower to sup and I couldn’t help but sigh.

The Monarch’s are few - not many seen -so I welcomed the gift so rare;

What a wonderful way to start the day when it chose my flowers, fair.

I sat, enchanted, while the sun arose and wakened each living thing;

The robin flew from its cosy nest and the finch began to sing.

A chipmunk skirted across the grass and my dog gave a playful chase;

My breakfast tea tasted oh-so-good and no need to drink it in haste.

The dew shone and sparkled in the sun -before the heat soared high;

A quiet time shared with Nature -before the chores of the day.

Mornings are truly a blessing -I’ve been given a brand new day;

Mornings are a time to meditate and surely a time to pray!

©Joan Adams Burchell July 29, 2006

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